Jan 12 2021

2021 Season Outlook

Here it is 2021. Still the uncertainty of the future. But I am planning for a good season.

Still no word on an awards banquet. I will keep you posted. 

Congratulations to Dave Secondi who won the SC Championship. 

We have 14 races this year and 10 will count for the championship.

April 17/18 – Pacific Raceways
May 15/16 – Bremerton Raceway
May 29/30 – Renegade Raceway
June 19/20 – Bremerton Raceway
July 3/4 – Bremerton Raceway
Aug 21/22 – Pacific Raceway
Sept 18/19 – Woodburn Dragstrip

So, we will start at Pacific. June 19/20 is the weekend of the Bremerton NHRA National Open and because of that the gate price is $100 and the association price is $60. If you race the association, you will be racing for two checks and the wally. Also, remember at Bremerton Raceway, paid pit spots are reserved. Please do not park in a spot that someone has paid for.

Bremerton and Renegade are 1/8-mile races.

Let’s go racing!