Jun 22 2021

Hot Time in Bremerton

Hello racers and race fans. 

A moment of reflection for the racing community lost a great racer, friend, dad, and all-around good guy with the passing of Kyle Seipel.

Summer has arrived, I think. Temperature and racing action soared at Bremerton Raceway this past weekend. Fourteen Super Comp racers made the trip to Bremerton to race for the money and a coveted Wally. This was the National Open weekend at Bremerton Raceway. Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Darral Petitt, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Greg Linne, Jiovanni Collecchi, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Tom Bachand, Tony Arthur, and Porter Johnson came to vie for the win. We had two qualifying sessions. Dave Thornton went a stellar 5.703 to garner the #1 spot and the award from Snap-On Tools. Event sponsor was Dave Barcelon’s Truck Town.

In case you did not know, there were 277 entries in all the classes on Saturday. First round started late afternoon.

First pair out was father/son match up. Greg L took out Chuck with a .001 light and a 5.690 to Chuck’s 5.658. Then Tony played the finish line better, and Dave S broke out. Darral used a better light to beat a slowing Tom. Diane and Brian had the same reaction time, but Diane was closer to take the win. David T won in a double break out race against Dale. John T went 5.708 to defeat Jiovanni. And Mark G was a winner when Porter was a no show.

Round two started with Mark going way red to give the win to Darral. Then Diane took out Greg L. Tony went -.004 to John’s .000 for the loss. David T had the bye.

In the semi final round, Diane won when Darral went red, and the David T won when John went red.

Final round time. Diane had a better light and went closer to 5.70 for her first Wally win. Congratulations to Diane and thanks to Dave Barcelon’s Truck Town and Snap-On Tools.

Sunday was even hotter and there were even more event entries. Total car count was 308. Super Comp dropped to twelve racers. Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Darral Petitt, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Greg Linne, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Tom Bachand, and Tony Arthur stayed to race for the second Wally and the valuable championship points. Event sponsor was C&C Olympic Heating, and #1 sponsor was Snap-On Tools.

Due to total car count, and the fact it was Fathers Day, we only got one qualifying session. John Theofelis went 5.704 to garner the top spot.

Dale started his march to the final by using a holeshot to take out Mark G. Darral was the winner over a slowing Brian. Chuck went 5.706 to force Tony to break out. Greg L won when David T was a no show. Then John T got the win light when Tom went red. Diane got the nod due to Dave S being a no show.

Round two started with Chuck going .006 against Darral and getting the win light. Then Diane went 5.701 to knock out Greg L. Finally, Dale got the win when John T went too quick and broke out.

Chuck used a better light to force a double break out with Diane. Chuck was .004 closer to 5.70 for the win. Dale had the bye to the final.

Final round. Dale and Chuck. Dale had a slightly better light but gave up too much at the finish line. Chuck is your winner. Way to go Chuck Linne. Thanks to C&C Olympic Heating and Snap-On Tools.

The next race is at the National Open at Bremerton Raceway on July 3 and 4. There will be a potluck that Saturday. It is an 1/8-mile race.