Jul 12 2021

A Bremerton Fourth

Independence Day has come and gone. Lots of fireworks and partying going on. Just let us not forget why we celebrate the Fourth of July. To honor our freedoms that our ancestors fought and died for.

Bremerton Raceway was the venue for race 11 and 12 of the season. We had thirteen Super Comp racers. Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Darral Petitt, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Greg Linne, Jiovanni Collecchi, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Tom Bachand, and Wade Archer came. We had two qualifying sessions. Darral Petitt was #1 spot and won the award from Snap-On Tools. Event sponsor was RPM Automotive.

Super Comp started with Diane using a holeshot to defeat Dave S. Then in a father-son race, Greg L judged the finish line better and beat Chuck. Then David T whomped on Mark G with a great .007 light to take the win. Just to show people how to do it, Dale went .000 on the tree and 5.709 to defeat Tom. Wade won against a slowing Jiovanni. John T had a .006 light to put Brian on the trailer and Darral had the single.

In round two, Wade was the winner when John T broke out. Darral had another stellar light and beat Greg L. Dale then took out Diane on another holeshot. David T had the bye.

The semi-final round started out weird. David T went red, and Wade broke on the starting line. But Wade was the winner. Then Dale used the tree to his advantage to beat Darral.

Wade got the car fixed and made it to the final. Again, another holeshot decided the winner. Wade beat Dale in the final. Congratulations to Wade Archer and thanks to RPM Automotive and Snap-On Tools.

Sorry that there are no photos this time. We could not do the Saturday awards due to a track emergency. Will try again at Woodburn.

Sunday came and it was time to race again. Entries included: Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Darral Petitt, Dale Green, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Greg Linne, Jiovanni Collecchi, John Collecchi, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Porter Johnson, Tom Bachand, Tony Arthur, and Wade Archer. Event sponsor was Parker’s Race Shoppe, and #1 Award sponsor was Snap-On Tools. After one qualifying run, Darral Petitt was on top again with a 5.703.

Darral then came out in first round and went 5.705 to Greg L’s losing 5.704. Reaction time was the deciding factor. John C then went 5.704 to beat Brian who had a 5.707. Diane won when Tom went .001 red. Porter and Jiovanni both had .005 lights, but Porter was better at the finish line for the win. Dave S took out Tony. Mark G finally got a decent light and beat Chuck. John T went closer to the index against Dale in a double break out race. Finally, Dave T overcame a reaction time deficient to beat Wade.

Round two started with Dave T going .000 to beat Diane. Mark G put Dave S on the trailer via a better light. Darral moved on by forcing John T to break out. And Porter used a holeshot to beat John C.

In the semi final round, Mark G went red against Darral, and Porter moved to final over Dave T.

Final round. Porter whipped up a .000 light to force Darral to break out. Way to go Porter Johnson. Thanks to Parker’s Race Shoppe and Snap-On Tools.

Next event is at Woodburn Dragstrip September 18 and 19.