Sep 28 2021

Bremerton Finale

Ok. Well, the final two races of 2021 were not what we expected. We were supposed to go to Woodburn Dragstrip and finish the season. Mother Nature decided to pour rain and Woodburn moved their Fall Classic to the next weekend. Because I had a race at Bremerton, I could not see the Association going to Woodburn and rescheduled the final two races at Bremerton Raceway.

Saturday was a really fine day weather wise. Race thirteen was sponsored by JA Morris Construction. Low qualifier awards were sponsored by Snap On Tools.

Sixteen racers showed up for the event. Brian Schmanke, Chuck Linne, Dale Green, Darral Petitt, Dave Secondi, Dave Thornton, Diane Petitt, Emmett McKillop, Greg Linne, Greg Pessemier, Jiovanni Collecchi, John Collecchi, John Theofelis, Mark Gillespie, Porter Johnson, and Tony Arthur. Let’s get to qualifying. First session, Chuck Linne put down an impressive 6.704 and after the second session, no one could get around him. So, Chuck Linne got the #1 Qualifying award from Snap On Tools.

In round one, it was a pair of Greg’s up first. G Linne had the better light and went 5.701 to force G Pessemier to break out. John Collecchi got a single when Gillespie could not make the call. C Linne used a better light to get the holeshot win over Schmanke. Then Johnson had the better light but could not run the number to give the win to McKillop. Secondi went 5.703 to overcome Diane Petitt’s better light. Theofelis got lucky when Thornton broke out by .001. Green got the win when Jiovanni Collecchi was a no show. And finally, Darral Petitt beat Arthur via a better light.

Round two started with McKillop forcing Collecchi to break out. Then it was a father – son match up. G Linne against C Linne. C Linne went way red and G Linne collected the win light. Petitt put a .003 light on the board to beat Secondi. Then not to outdone, Theofelis put a .003 light on the board to beat Green.

The semi final round found Petitt against Linne. Both went .007 on the tree. Petitt went 5.709, Linne went 5.719. Petitt to the final. Then it was McKillop and Theofelis. Theofelis needed to get to the final. McKillop went 5.704 and forced Theofelis to break out. 

Final round time. As the darkness settled on the track, Petitt and McKillop staged up. Petitt went .011 on the tree and won on a holeshot. So now Petitt was in the lead and Theofelis was in second place.

Again, thanks to JA Morris Construction for the sponsorship.

Sunday morning dawned and some of the racers headed for home. The weather report was not the best. 

We got about done with qualifying and it started to mist. That kept up for a while and after looking at the weather the decision was made to cancel the event. The race sponsor was Pessemier Racing Powerglides. That money will roll into the end of the year payout.

So, Darral Petitt is the 2021 Super Comp Champion. 

I am not sure if, when, or where we will celebrate the 2021 season. I hope things will have calmed down by January.

I will post as soon as I know.

Congratulations to the winners, runner ups and everyone for a really bizarre year.