Aug 01 2016

Pacific Raceways Fun

Race ten held at Pacific Raceways.  Sponsored by DG Machine. Nice day in July. Not too hot, not too cold.

Darral Petitt came out with another stellar qualifying pass at 8.903.  It held up for Darral to grab the #1 Qualifier Award from Snap On Tools, again. Seventeen racers were there for the Super Saturday race, but only 11 signed up for the Association race.

Darral Petitt, Tim Petitt, Mark Johnson, Randy Beck, Mark Gillespie, Marion Hurst, Dale Green, Marc Heritage, Arlyn Staiger, John Theofelis, and Emmett McKillop were the eleven fighting for the valuable points and the big checks.

Darral got the bye first round and Beck, Hurst, T Petitt, Gillespie, Green, Johnson, and McKillop also advanced to round two.

Petitt (D) lost to Colletti, who had not signed up with us, Hurst overcame Beck, Petitt (T) had the bye, Green edged out Gillespie with a holeshot (8.957 to 8.950), and McKillop got a competition single over Johnson.

In round three, Colletti holeshot Hurst, Green forced Petitt (T) to break out, and McKillop got the bye.

On to the semi’s. Colletti got the bye and Green nipped McKillop in a double break out, 8.897 to 8.895.

In the final Green showed his stuff and beat Colletti. Congrats to Dale Green. Thanks to DG Machine for their sponsorship.

Next race is Saturday, August 13, at Pacific Raceways. This race is sponsored by Parker Race Shoppe. Only three races left. Come join us for fun in the sun.

The T shirts by Designs Unlimited were a hit. Get yours before they are gone.  The price is $15 a shirt, with the money going to the prize fund.

Dennis Boley

Feb 26 2016

2016 Rule Updates

Please check out the Rules page for the latest updates. Some notable changes include:

  • The series is best 10 of 13 races, thanks to having more races this year.
  • First round no-shows get first round loss points.
  • The payout for a three car semi-final has been adjusted.

Thanks, see you at the track soon!

May 26 2015

Yakima Results Posted

Yakima’s double-header was attended by Ty Anderson, Chuck Linne, Dennis Boley, Thomas Gresham, Dale Green, Dave Thornton, Dale Hrenko, and Greg Pessemier.   

Saturday’s winner was Tom Gresham, and the runner-up was Dale Green.

Sunday’s winner was Dale Green, and Dennis Boley took the runner-up position.

Check out the detailed results and season standings on the results page.

Next race is this weekend at Pacific Raceways.

May 26 2015

New Leadership for PNSCA

PNSCA is proud to announce our new leadership team: Dennis Boley is now the president, assisted by vice-president Mark Gillespie.

Many thanks Chuck and Diana Linne for their leadership and participation over the years, and we wish them all the best.

May 18 2015

Bremerton Winners

Congrats to the winners and runners-up from the race in Bremerton.

May 3rd winner, Dale Green

The "Dales", Green and Hrenko

The “Dales”, Green and Hrenko

May 3rd runner-up, Tom Gresham

Tom Gresham and Dale Hrenko

Tom Gresham and Dale Hrenko

May 4th runner-up Dale Green, and winner Steve Glenn

Steve Glenn and Dale Green

Steve Glenn and Dale Green

And a hearty thank you to everyone who attended, and especially Lyndl for these photos.

May 04 2015

Message from Chuck and Diana

Welcome to a new PNSCA season and Thank you to those of you have raced the 1st 2015 double header at Bremerton; May 2nd and 3rd.

I would like to thank everyone that raced with us last year and thank all of our sponsors for 2014.

CONGRATUALATIONS to Dale Green for winning the 2014 Championship. Also congratulations on Dale’s and Lyndl’s wedding.

We have a good line up of sponsors for this 2015 season.

Regretfully, I wanted you to know that 2015 will be mine and Diana’s last year managing the association. With Diana being sick and having all the treatments that she is having, has made her very tired and weak most of the time. She does not have the energy to do all the work that she has done at the track. She has had a lot of fun working with all of us all these years. She just can’t do it anymore. I am going to be taking a few more weekends off this year. I will be looking for someone to step in and manage the 2016 season. We have had a great time with the association and have met a lot of great people.

Thank you to everyone that has helped over the years. We hope it will continue to keep going. It is a great group of people, a great association, and a lot of fun. I would personally like to thank Rick Dearinger and Chris Williams for all their help. We will see everyone at the track this year and the future.

Thanks to all and we hope to have a great year.

Chuck & Diana

Feb 09 2015

2015 Schedule Posted

The PNSCA 2015 Schedule has been posted.  You can see it here or under the “event calendar” tab above.

This year’s schedule includes 10 races and the championship will be determined by the best 9 of 10 races, dropping the 10th race.

The races at Pacific Raceways (5/30, 6/20, and 8/15) will be held in conjunction with the Pacific Raceways Super Saturday series.  Racers should pay for entry into the Super Saturday series at the gate, and then if they wish to accumulate points for the PNSCA title, you’ll need to see Chuck Linne for additional entry in the PNSCA race. This different format is only for the three races at Pacific.

Hope to see everyone out at the races this year!

Nov 24 2014

Banquet Invitation to All!

balloonsCome one, come all to the 2014 PNSCA Banquet.

The event will be Saturday, January 17, 2015 at the same location as last year’s festivities: the Shilo Inn Tacoma, at 7414 South Hosmer Road.  The PNSCA meeting will start at 4:00, the banquet at 5:00, with dinner and awards starting at 6:30.  Catering will be the same as last year.

Please RSVP either with the post in the forum (here) or call Chuck Linne at 360-801-1068.

Come celebrate the year, and plan for 2015.  Hope to see everyone there!

Sep 08 2014

New Photos

Just uploaded a few new photos of the winners and runners-up at Pacific and Bremerton.  Check them out in the Photo Gallery.  Thanks to Lyndl Kvalheim for providing the images.

Aug 25 2014

Dale Green Sweeps to the Front

It was a good weekend of racing at Bremerton this past weekend, with nice weather and some great racing. By the end of the weekend there was a new leader in the series points, Dale Green.

On Saturday, Dale Green beat Chris Williams in the final to take the points lead. Dale qualified number one, taking the $50 qualifying prize donated by Rick and Gladys Dearinger, with a solid 8.906. He then went on to win the race and take the points lead away from Dale Hrenko.

Saturday dawned foggy and cool, and offered a change in the racing conditions. Sunday’s qualifying prize from the Dearingers, this time for the third qualifier, went to Emily Williams. Dale Hrenko was sidelined with ignition problems and was only able to stage in round one, putting a damper on his hopes to regain the lead. Dale Green went on to defeat Damon Gillespie in the final to advance his new points lead by a strong 83 points.

Sunday also brought a very welcome visit to the track by Diana Linne who is battling cancer. It was great to see her, and everyone in the PNSCA is wishing her the best and the speediest of recoveries!

The series championship will be decided at the season finale doubleheader in Woodburn on September 13 and 14. Everyone is encouraged to attend!