The PNSCA will follow the rules and regulations outlined in the current NHRA rulebook with the addition of the following (rule changes for 2018 are highlighted):

  1. All cars will qualify for first round ladder. Any car entering which has not had a qualifying run (late entry) will be placed at the bottom of the ladder. First to pay will be first on the ladder, time will be recorded.
  2. The ladder will be set by paid participants only. Racers shall make payment to the PNSCA Treasurer prior to qualifying. At a standalone race, if a racer stages the vehicle on a qualifying pass, the racer will be on the ladder and the racer MUST pay the entry fee. Annual PNSCA Membership fee is $20.00. Entry fee for each race is $60.00 for members, $70.00 for non-members. PNSCA will keep $10.00 of each entry fee for expenses. Ten dollars ($10.00) of each non-member entry fee goes toward their annual membership, until it is paid ($20.00).
    NOTE: Each track has gate fees, which cover fees for tech, spectator, camping overnight, etc. PNSCA has no influence over track charges.
  3. There shall be one or two qualifying runs per race. If problems arise that cause first round to be run without qualifying runs, random pairing will prevail.
  4. There will be no refunds once you have rolled into the water box for any qualifying session.
  5. All lane choices are determined by coin toss.
  6. Rain-outs may be rescheduled, at the discretion of the PNSCA Board Members in attendance, with input from the participating racers and the track. If the event is cancelled, racers will receive a FULL REFUND IF BEFORE FIRST ROUND, AFTER FIRST ROUND PRIZE MONEY IS SPLIT BETWEEN THE REMAINING RACERS. Points will be awarded to all competitors for the last round of eliminations completed, per the NHRA Rule Book: last round losers get last round points, last round winners get next round points (and only next round points — racers with a pending single do not get additional points). If the race is cancelled prior to the start of first round, all racers in attendance will receive eleven points.
  7. No racer or crew member is allowed to talk to tower or track officials at any time concerning rules or infractions, this is the responsibility of PNSCA track representative. The PNSCA board members will be responsible for decisions regarding rules or infractions. All decisions are final and failure to accept the decisions will result in disqualification and forfeiture of entry fee.
  8. Attending PNSCA Board members will settle any disputes or unusual situations at a race. If a PNSCA Board member is involved in the dispute, that PNSCA Board member will be excluded from participating in the resolution process.
  9. Test runs are permitted after being eliminated from competition, provided that the track offers an open session for all participants.
  10. Track managers and officials are responsible for the scheduling of rounds, availability and number of time/qualifying runs, and determining if reruns are warranted.  The PNSCA track representative will communicate with track personnel in case of any issues.
  11. Racing two (2) classes with one car at the same event is allowed as long as:
    • It is permitted by the track
    • The participant is ready to run when called to the lanes within a reasonable time frame or forfeit the round.
  12. Once entry fees are paid, a racer agrees to abide by the rules of the PNSCA.
  13. Races are scheduled with the best 10 counting towards year end championship and payouts.
  14. PNSCA series points are awarded per NHRA Divisional rules (per the NHRA rule book) plus 1 point for entry into race. The single entry point is included in a racer’s championship total even if the race is dropped for the “best 10” calculation. Racer is responsible for letting the PNSCA Treasurer know they are in attendance at the race. If a racer who is qualified and on the ladder does not make a run, that racer gets the round loss points.
  15. All competitors must run with a current PNSCA series sticker (if available) on their car to be eligible for prizes.
  16. The PNSCA pays Winner, Runner-up, and semi-finals finisher(s). If it is a three car semi-final (vs a four car semi), the fourth payout will be divided among the three remaining racers. The PNSCA treasurer will calculate the payout and include it in the remaining racers’s payouts.
  17. Tech inspection is the responsibility of the host track and their tech officials, who have final word on all technical rulings.